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An online service for recovering data from damaged files

How to recover data from a corrupted file

Just upload the damaged file to the server and get a recovered copy with just a couple of mouse clicks:

Our service supports data recovery from the following file types:

  1. Access, file extension: accdb, mdb
  2. Acrobat/PDF Reader, file extension: pdf
  3. AutoCAD, file extension: dwg
  4. CorelDraw, file extension: cdr
  5. Excel, file extension: xls, xlt, xlsx, xlsm, xltm, xltx and xlam
  6. FoxPro/Clipper/dBase and others, file extension:dbf
  7. Illustrator, file extension: ai
  8. Outlook, file extension: pst, ost
  9. Outlook Express, file extension: dbx
  10. Photoshop, file extension: psd
  11. PowerPoint, file extension: ppt, pptx
  12. Project, file extension: mpp
  13. Word, file extension: doc, docx, dot, dotx and rtf
  • This online service does not recover data from password-protected files, except for Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files
  • The service limits the size of uploaded files to 10 GB
  • Files uploaded to the server are not shared with any third parties
  • All files uploaded to the server are automatically deleted in 10 days